30 Best Window Trim Ideas, Design and Remodel to Inspire You

best window trim ideas

Window Trim Ideas – The top of the window, or head case, should have a drip cap to maintain water from going into with spaces in the top of the opening. A cornice or crown molding can include ornamental detail. Exterior window trim should additionally have a windowsill, which, like the drip cap, keeps the … Continue reading

23+ Most Popular Small Basement Ideas, Decor and Remodel

Small Basement Ideas – A number of us stay in homes where fully is definitely priceless, and we will gladly take any type of added space that is available. This desire to make the most of readily available room to the handle has seen designers as well as house owners accepting the attic and also … Continue reading

30+ Best Chair Rail Ideas, Pictures, Decor and Remodel

best chair rail ideas

Chair Rail Ideas – Do you understand recognize there’s power in the chair rail? Yes, low-cost chair rail molding and also a little creativity can change your simple jane surfaces right into comprehensive accents that wow. And also it’s relatively easy to do. Take a look at concepts to see just what a few bucks … Continue reading